Terms & Conditions – Wave Rider 2018

This promotion is being conducted by Weil-McLain Canada Sales Inc. (the “Sponsor”).

Only the following are eligible to enter the promotion and attend the cruise: an owner, manager or senior buyer of a Canadian HVAC contractor (the “Contractor”) and one guest, both of whom must be 21 years of age or older and legal residents of Canada. This promotion is not open to residents of the province of Quebec.

If the contractor is an employee of a contracting business, and a dispute arises between the contractor and their employer as to who is entitled to a prize, the prize will be awarded in the name of the owner of the business.

In order to qualify for the cruise, eligible contractors must:

a) Achieve a minimum of 100 points by purchasing select Weil-McLain products and read and agree to these Terms & Conditions. Qualifying products must be purchased from an authorized Weil-McLain distributor/wholesaler between Feb. 1, 2017 and Jan. 31, 2018. Qualifying products must be entered into the submission for at weil-mclain.ca/promotions or submitted on the official Entry Form available at weil-mclain.ca/promotions on or before Feb. 16, 2018. Point values are fixed at the following amounts:

  • 1 point: CG Cast Iron Boilers
  • 2 points: AquaBalance / ECO Boilers
  • 3 points: WM97+ / GV90+ Boilers
  • 5 points: Evergreen / Ultra Boilers
  • 10 points: SlimFit 550 / 750 Boilers
  • 20 points: SlimFit 1000 / 1500 / 2000 Boilers

b) “Buy up” the points necessary to qualify, at the assigned value of $80 per point.

c) Have their name drawn from accumulated entries. Contractors can buy any qualifying product to earn a ballot entry into the draw. Each qualifying product equals one ballot entry. One winner will be drawn on Feb. 19, 2018 to receive the promotion reward. Draw entries will only include entries from eligible contractors who did not reach the 100-point minimum. To qualify, the winner must read and agree to these Terms & Conditions.

All materials necessary to validate a submission or draw entry must be received by Sponsor. Submissions or entries will not be accepted if information required to obtain the prize is not submitted or fully, completely or properly submitted. All submissions and entries become the property of the Sponsor.

The contest Sponsor, including their agents, representatives and those associated with them, are: not responsible for any entry or submission, a qualification notification or releases sent by a qualifying contractor, which are lost, misdirected or which arrive late, as the case may be, whether or not due to the fault of the Sponsor or of any other person.

Promotion Reward
Contractors who meet or purchase the required point totals, or who have their name drawn (and their guest) will join Weil-McLain on a one-week cruise to European ports of call in June 2018. Cruise dates, final destination and the cruise ship/on-board accommodations will be confirmed on or before Jan. 1, 2018. This promotion includes accommodations, airfare from the Canadian airport nearest the contractors’ home to the ship’s port of departure, to be confirmed on or before Jan. 1, 2018, as well as all meals and transfers. All other expenses are the responsibility of the contractor. Both the contractor and his/her companion must depart from the same airport. Promotion Sponsor will arrange for travel between the airport and the ship.

Costs of everything not stated as included in the Promotion Reward in the foregoing paragraph are the responsibility of the contractor, and without limiting the generality of this statement the following costs are the responsibility of the winner: transportation from the contractor’s residence to the airport nearest the contractor’s residence, meals not provided during the trip, all taxes (including departure and airport taxes), gratuities, health insurance, items of a personal nature and service charges.

The following general conditions apply to the Promotion Reward:

1. The approximate value of the reward, including all components defined in Promotion Reward, is fixed at no less than $6,000 and no more than $8,000 CDN.

2. The Reward is for participation as Weil-McLain’s guest during the week-long cruise and the contractor (and guest) must travel and participate on the dates designated by Sponsor, and in the event that the contractor is not able to take this trip on those exact dates, and/or does not return any releases to be received by the Sponsor by May 1, 2018, that person will forfeit the reward in its entirety and no other reward will be awarded to that person in its place. Any portion of the Reward not used by the contractor will be forfeited without substitution.

3. The Sponsor and/or their representatives reserve the right at any time to:

  • Place reasonable restrictions on the availability or use of the Reward or any aspect of the Reward. This includes the inability to transfer the Reward to another individual within or outside the Contractor’s business or operation;
  • Substitute the Reward or any aspect of the Reward for any reason so long as a reward or aspect of the reward of comparable value is substituted.

4. By accepting the Reward, the winner agrees to waive all recourse against the Sponsor, and those associated with them, if any part of the Reward or any services that form part of the Reward does not prove satisfactory, either in whole or in part.

5. Contractor (and guest) must have valid passports (with the term “valid” being defined as what is valid under Canadian, United States and foreign laws) at the time of departure from Canada up to and including the time of return to Canada and in the event for any reason the contractor does not have a valid passport at the time of departure neither the contractor (nor guest) may travel and the reward will be forfeited in its entirety and nothing will be substituted in its place, but if at the time of departure the contractor does have a valid passport, but the guest does not have a valid passport the contractor may travel though the contractor may not substitute a new traveling companion.

6. Weil-McLain Canada reserves the right to withhold all or any portion of the Reward gained through unauthorized or unlawful use of the promotion website or any other promotional materials.

Media Rights
By entering the promotion, the contractor agrees to the promotion rules and to the use without compensation of their photograph, filmed or recorded image, name and city of residence in all publicity campaigns related to the promotion including on Sponsor’s website.

Entrance Eligibility
Employees of the contest sponsor and Weil-McLain distributors/wholesalers, and those residing with the foregoing, are not eligible to enter.

General Rules
Rewards must be accepted as awarded, are not transferable, no cash value will be given for a Reward and no substitution will be made for the Reward (and without limiting the foregoing, Reward may not be sold or traded). The approximate retail value of a Reward as may be stated in advertising or other promotion materials, and/or in these Terms and Conditions, are subject to price fluctuations in the consumer marketplace based on, among other things, the passage of time between the date the respective approximate retail value is stated by the Sponsor and the date the respective Reward is awarded or redeemed. If, at the time a Reward is redeemed or awarded, the actual prevailing retail purchase price for the Reward is less than the approximate retail value stated by the Sponsor in advertising and promotion materials, and/or in these Terms and Conditions, the Reward winner will not be entitled to the price difference.

No correspondence will be entered into except with qualifying contractors. The decision of Sponsor and their representatives in respect of any matter related to this promotion (either before or following selection) is final and without appeal. Promotion is subject to all applicable Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws.

All entrants consent to the collection, use and distribution of their personal information by the Sponsor for the purposes of running the promotion. The Sponsor will not sell or transmit this information to third parties except for the purposes of administering the promotion. Any inquiry concerning the personal information held by the promotion Sponsor should be addressed to the promotion Sponsor at: Privacy Officer, 4390 Paletta Court, Burlington, Ontario L7L 5R2.

No purchase necessary to enter the draw. To enter without making a purchase, a contractor must mail their name and the address of their contracting business to: No Purchase Entry, c/o Sandy Rennie, Weil-McLain Canada Inc., 4390 Paletta Court, Burlington, Ontario L7L 5R2 (only one entry by this method per contractor). No purchase entries are subject to verification by Sponsor to substantiate that the contractor is in the building/home improvement business.

As at Mar. 2, 2017