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Online Buying Alert

Weil-McLain products that are purchased online ARE NOT eligible for any warranty or technical support from Weil-McLain Canada.

Our company stands behind every product we make. That is why we only honour warranties on products purchased from approved distributors and installed by licensed installers:  Unauthorized online distributors and/or resellers are not authorized to distribute our products in Canada. All products obtained outside of our normal distribution channels and/or installed by unlicensed installers are notcovered by our warranties or technical support.

Weil-McLain Canada works only with distributors that maintain inventory, are trained in our products, and meet our rigorous standards to ensure quality products and installations. In addition, we maintain all the certification and approvals necessary by CSA and other authorities to ensure that your Weil-McLain product meets and exceeds your expectations. Without these requirements, your boiler will not pass local inspection and approval.

Only Weil-McLain boilers purchased from authorized Canadian distributors are built to Canadian standards for the Canadian marketplace, and carry the full Canadian warranty & technical support. Our boilers must also be installed and serviced by licensed installers in order to maintain warranty and technical support.

Contact your local sales representative for a list of authorized distributors and licensed Weil-McLain installers in your area.

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