ECO Boiler


Ideal For:

  • High-efficiency replacement boiler installations
  • Flexible installation needs
  • Easy-to-use controls

Why Choose the ECO?

Highest AFUE-rated residential boiler

  • At up to 95.2% AFUE, it will be listed by Energy Star in its “Most Efficient” category
  • Qualifies for local and federal rebates when available

Stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger

  • Durable stainless steel construction; ensures long life
  • High mass water content design provides low-flow resistance through the heat exchanger, allowing smaller and fewer circulators to be used; reduces hydro costs
  • Down-fired design promotes self-cleaning; saves on maintenance costs

Easy-to-use control with LCD display

  • Large LCD display makes system setup and navigation simple; saves time and money
  • Detailed diagnostic information assists with troubleshooting in the event of a lock-out
  • Colour-coded display indicates boiler status
  • Display can be mounted on the boiler or wall for easy viewing

Designed for easy maintenance and service

  • Leading case design makes maintenance and service a snap; saves time for contractor and money for homeowners

Compact size with wall or floor mounting

  • Easy to transport, deliver and install; saves time for contractor and money for homeowners
  • Wall-mount design; frees up floor space
  • Optional bracket for floor mount when a wall is not available

Multiple venting options

  • Can accommodate different-style homes with multiple venting configurations: sidewall or through-the-roof direct vent
  • Able to vent with S636 PVC, CPVC, PP or SS venting up to 100′ for both the exhaust and air intake; allows maximum venting flexibility

Easy in-field gas conversions

  • Set up for natural gas with propane conversion kit included
  • Flexible internal gas line allows for the industr’s quickest propane conversion

Entire system protection

  • Sentinel’s water treatment X100 inhibitor and test kit included; provides peace-of-mind for homeowners and contractors

Quiet operation

  • Whisper-quiet operation; provides comfort without the noise

Optional kits to match application

  • Low water cut-off (probe style) with test button
  • Paintable polypropylene sidewall vent termination; provides great exterior vent appearance
  • 2? and 3? concentric vent termination for one penetration through sidewall or roof
  • Condensate neutralizer; helps protect environment and home drain line

Weil-McLain quality

  • Industry leader since 1881
  • Unrivaled technical and field sales support
  • Backed by a solid peace-of-mind warranty and optional extended warranty
  • Category: Residential
  • Product Type: Water
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas, Propane
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Input MBH: 70, 110, 155 MBH
  • AFUE: 95.2 %
  • Output MBH / Steam Sq. Ft.:
    65, 101, 143
  • Vent Category & Material:
    Cat. 4 venting: S636 – PVC*, PP, CPVC or AL29-4C
    *Check local code / inspectors for acceptance
  • Warranty:
    12 yr Heat Exchanger replacement / 2 yr all other parts
    10 yr Heat Exchanger replacement / 1 yr parts
  • Notes:
    5 to 1 modulation, Wall mount, includes water inhibitor