Warranty Procedures

Q: How do I file a warranty claim?

A: Your professional heating contractor can process online warranty returns either directly or through their local wholesale partner. Please contact them for additional support and information.  As well, our warranty information can be found on our homeowner product registration page.

Q: My boiler is leaking. Who do I call?

A: If your boiler is leaking, contact either your installer or the professional heating contractor of your choice. If the unit needs to be replaced immediately, your heating contractor should obtain the appropriate cast iron section block or boiler from Weil-McLain’s local wholesale distributor. Warranty is not approved sight-unseen, nor can our field representatives make any type of determination while the boiler is still installed.

For warranty consideration, the leaking boiler or section block should be returned to the same wholesale distributor where the replacement was purchased. A Weil-McLain field representative will then do a thorough inspection at the wholesale distributor. At that time, he/she will process a claim credit or denial, based on his/her findings. Credits for warranty are processed through the wholesale distributor; Weil-McLain does not reimburse consumers directly.

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